About Divinelabs



Colaborative capitalism

The DivineLabs Org is a loose knit group of individuals who strive to develop and master trades and skill sets; who work to mentor and teach others these mastered crafts; and who wish to push the boundaries of their fields by way of cross-industry/trade skill expansion and cultivation.

We're an organization created to foster a culture of broad knowledge thoughts, architectures and systems across a wide range of industries and disciplines. We are a group of individual storefronts and affiliations who depend on one another for support, out-of-the-box opinions and advice.  We go beyond the normal business networking association. We commit to work for one another. We collaborate with each other when searching for solutions. We encourage, nay, require the advancement of skills outside of each member's interest area.

We're a holding company, formed to compartmentalize and keep track of the ever growing and diverse interests of DivineLabs Org.