A Co-operative spin on organization management

Using opensource building blocks, the DivineLabs Applied Systems department has created a SaaS solution that caters to the co-operative and non-profit.  We leverage a stack of platforms that allow the smooth operation of your organization, packaged into one dashboard, one set of databases and with one vector for reporting. Bringing everyone to one platform increases communication, brings unity to projects, simplifies scheduling, and opens up collaboration across your organization. 


Unified Communication

IRC and room type chat environments are fantastic for collaboration.  We use chat servers like lets.chat to bring members together into an internal, non-public facing, community environment that can compartmentalize and save entire discussions on a project or online meeting.  Bringing closed video chat into the the chat framework also allows for real-time pop-up board meetings enabling organizations to be more agile in decision making and project planning.  



Member Management

Managing the time volunteered, member dues, hierarchy, accounts and the other member info is often scattered across many different databases and file cabinets across your organization.  We have developed a management system that unifies all of this info into one place. This allows for cross-framework workflow and reporting; better management of scheduling, project management & task management across the whole hierarchical plane of a groups organizational framework.  





Project and event planning

Our developers have created a project management system that use templates and machine intelligences to gather the info needed to propel an endeavor to completion.  Whether it be your next festival or the new workshop space you're building to keep up the grounds, the templates and automated information gathering routines will fill in the variables specific to your venture; create, assign and schedule project tasks; and begin tracking your progress as tasks are completed.

You can track a project as a novice, allowing the framework to prompt you through all of the meeting/task scheduling, communication, and reporting; or as an expert, giving you full manual control of every aspect of your plan.  You can also customize the auto-pilot to automate the tasks that you don't want to do. 

The system also tracks member's primary/secondary skill sets, time blocks committed to the organization and member commitments specific to projects.  This allows an organization to more easily align scheduled events and assigned tasks with a member's schedule.